Kaleidoscope Acoustic in Quarantine

Got inspired at the kitchen table at 4am and made this to celebrate the original music video for Kaleidoscope racking up 5 million views (https://youtu.be/KH8Gsd1HVkA ). There is no editing or digital special effects in this, just a smoke machine operated with a foot pedal, an iPhone controlling the lights, and a studio mic just out of frame recording the vocal (and the sounds of the smoke bursting into the frame). I was going to edit in a beauty shot green screen moment so it looked a bit better, re-record the vocal so it sounded a bit better, but I kind of like that it was just an imperfectly perfect few minutes of performance (or maybe I’m just being lazy?) I hope you enjoy!


Thank you to Gigi Goode and Juno Birch for the makeup inspiration! And thank you Cheddar Gorgeous for the moral support and feedback when I sent her a previous take of the performance at 4am!

The first time I performed on Rhea Litre's InstaLive show Quarantine Queen I was inspired when I saw Laganja Estrange do her number. It was this epic production number that was so thought out and it all happened in her driveway at home!

What do you think I should do next?

Also I have a Patreon if you would like to tip and support, it's a great forum to allow artist to create content and and be financially supported. I started it years ago but have fallen back in love with it during Quarantine because I am seeing how if I build it up enough it gives me so much more freedom in what i do and create . It's not quite there yet, but I am ever so grateful to all the people who are interested enough in what I am doing to support! You get early access to the content and also it keeps away those ads for Flat Tummy Tea and stock market trading tips! lol

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By: Courtney Act | 1 month ago